[metalocalypse] thunderhorse, fuck yeah


I know some of you are playing already, but if you're not:


If you prompt, uh, any fandom I've ever been in, I will probably jump on that shit.

WIP meme

Post a sentence (or two) from as many of your WIPs as you want, with no explanation attached.

Nabbed from Stellar & Zeff. Posted more than 2 sentences for some of them >_>

Anyway, yeah. Just to prove I've actually been writing, here are some things I've started since the new year. This contains Sherlock Holmes, Like Minds, Metalocalypse, Kingdom Hearts, Inglourious Basterds, and South Park. In that order.

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I'm back. :D

Well, actually, I've been back for a few days, and you all know that XD But I didn't want to post until I had peace offerings. Which I sort of do now, in the form of my new spam account. (Which some of you have discovered already. XD)

Three drabbly things up, two of which are crack. Not the greatest, but... spam account. XD

I think everyone here watches me on dA, too, but if you don't, I posted a pic.

Also, you guys probably already know this, but Hanae's back, too. <33 ((And she totally thinks I leaked this information ahead of time.)) Aaand ... well, I can't really say much more than that ;D